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October 27-30, 2018, AAO, Chicago, USA

Meet our team in Chicago.



Join Leading Retinal Physicians at AAO to Discuss the Future of Navigated Laser Treatment

When Anti-VEGF injections don't achieve the results you want, does your current laser give your DR and RVO patients the best option they deserve?

See why Navilas with microsecond pulsing option can work for you and your patients - unlock the full potential of subthreshold treatment with fully documented and transparent process! 

Studies show rescue laser is needed in certain patients today. Do you offer your patients the latest advances in laser therapy?  

Visit us at AAO and discuss the answers with our experts. 

Meet the Experts

Friday, November 10 - Retina Subspecialty Day Booth #20

2 pm
Q&A: Navilas and navigated microsecond pulsing
with Wayne Solley, MD, Texas Retina Associates, Arlington, Texas

Sunday, November 12 - AAO Booth #355

10 am
Real-world observation of reduced injection burden with Navilas laser combination
Dr. Christian Rau, Augenzentrum Lichterfelde West, Berlin, Germany

11 am
Navilas in a modern private practice
Lars Freisberg, MD, Tulsa Retina Consultants, Tulsa, Oklahoma

3 pm
Management of Coat's disease with Navilas
David M. Brown, MD, Retina Consultants of Houston, Houston, Texas

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OD OS Navilas booth at AAO 2017

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