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At EURETINA 2018, Navigated Retina Laser is Moving into the Next Decade

10 years of Navilas® – Renowned customer community brings the benefits of retina navigation to applications beyond DME. All-digital platform supports subthreshold treatments, digital collaboration, standardization, and learning in retina care.

OD-OS, the inventor of the Navilas® laser systems, celebrates 10 years of retina navigation with expert sessions at the upcoming EURETINA 2018 conference (Vienna, Sep 21-25, booth C207).

Navilas® has brought digital pre-planning and precise and fast computer-assisted delivery of laser spots to focal and peripheral laser treatment - with the option to plan and treat on external diagnostic images such as OCT-A or FA. Today, Navilas® is being used in more than 25 countries worldwide including the ten countries with the highest gross income. Private practices and renowned hospitals like the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary (USA), the Nagoya City University Hospital (Japan), the University Clinics of Tübingen and Freiburg, and the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich (Germany) are working with Navilas® to provide enduring results and reduce treatment burden for their patients (1).

Thanks to contributions from this global customer community and the success of the compact Navilas® 577s system, effective and comfortable treatment with navigated retina laser is now expanding into applications beyond DME (1). At the same time, the all-digital platform is incorporating trends such as subthreshold microsecond pulsing therapy and telemedicine, thus supporting digital collaboration, standardization and learning in retina care.

Prof. Eric Souied of CHI de Créteil, France, elected for the 2018 Power List of the top ophthalmologists worldwide, says: “Navilas® provides the digital functionality and safety to explore optimal treatment strategies in a range of retinal indications. Our patients especially value the possibility of contact-free focal treatments.”

His colleague Dr. Alexandre Pedinielli adds: ”Therefore, we are excited that at EURETINA OD-OS presents the result of a close collaboration with our team – the demonstrator of a new widefield objective which can make non-contact panretinal photocoagulation with access to the extreme periphery a treatment option for experienced Navilas® 577s users. We are looking forward to seeing more clinical data from this solution in practice. We really believe that this could be an important step towards the future of PRP as an almost completely harmless procedure for the patient.“

“In the last decade, we have brought the latest computer vision technology to our retina navigation platform,” says Dr. Winfried Teiwes, Managing Director at OD-OS GmbH. “Feedback from users and patients is now helping us extend the Navilas® treatment approach to new retina applications like CSCR, which require a precise, effective and tissue-friendly retina laser.”

“The next decade is also seeing new concepts and functionalities to be added thanks to advances in computer vision technology. One important step is to make the treatment planning functionality of our retina laser accessible in the cloud. Thus, we are moving step by step towards more efficient workflows, and a pool of online knowledge which brings expertise resources to underserved areas and benefits efforts to standardize treatment approaches.”

At the EURETINA 2018 conference in Vienna, retina specialists will present their clinical experiences with the all-digital Navilas® laser. Cases cover a range of applications from Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy to Central Serous Chorioretinopathy – with a special focus on navigated microsecond pulsing treatment results.

Meet the expert presentations will be held Friday through Sunday at 10:00 am at the OD-OS Navilas® booth C207. Official program sessions on Navilas®  include a talk by Dr. F. Amoroso, CHI de Créteil (Friday, Sep 21, 11:00 am-12:30 pm, Room C2) which covers experiences with the demonstrator of the widefield objective for non-contact PRP treatment with Navilas®.

A list of all Navilas® related Euretina sessions is available at: https://www.od-os.com/events/detail/sep-20-26-2018-euretinaescrs-vienna-austria/

(1) www.od-os.com/publications

About Navilas®:  Navilas® laser systems enable physicians to digitally pre-plan the entire laser therapy on fundus images as well as on third-party diagnostic images, and to precisely execute this therapy plan with the help of computerized image guidance.

About OD-OS: OD-OS GmbH is a privately-held medical device company founded in 2008 with offices in Teltow, Germany, and Irvine, CA. www.od-os.com

For further information, please contact:
Stefanie Gehrke, Director Marketing | stefanie.gehrke@od-os.com, +49 (172) 3808 537
OD-OS GmbH | Warthestr. 21 | 14513 Teltow | Germany

non-contact widefield objective - cooperation with CHI de Créteil in France

At EURETINA 2018, OD-OS presents the demonstrator of a new widefield objective for non-contact PRP treatment to be performed by experienced Navilas® users. The tool results from a successful customer collaboration with Dr. A. Pedinielli and Dr. F. Amoroso (pictured) of the team around Prof. Eric Souied at CHI de Créteil in France.

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