About OD-OS

Winfried Teiwes, Ph.D.

Co-Founder in 2008 and CEO

NAVILAS Co-inventor

Founder and CEO of SMI, redefining refractive and cataract laser surgery with tracking and guidance

Our Vision

OD-OS aims to set new standards of care for retina treatment. By extending our innovative Retina Navigation platform, our goal is to become the global leader in novel therapeutic solutions for the growing number of people suffering from retina diseases.

Our Mission

We are striving to preserve the eyesight of patients with retina disease. Our German-American team of experts in ophthalmic devices works closely with eye doctors, clinical specialists and partners all over the world to advance the treatment of diabetic retinopathy.

We provide innovative therapy solutions, being the first to introduce Retina Navigation with its unique integration of imaging, planning, treatment, and documentation - utilizing our advanced overlay technology.

What does “OD-OS” stand for?

The name OD-OS was chosen for the company as it is instantly recognizable and easily remembered by anyone who is involved in retina therapy. OD-OS denotes the right eye (Oculus Dexter) and left eye (Oculus Sinister), as is commonly used in everyday documentation by eye doctors. Furthermore, OD-OS also stands for Ophthalmic Diagnostics - Ophthalmic Surgery. And it is this unique combination of the two aspects of standard care that points to the company's goal: OD-OS is breaking new ground in integrating both the diagnosis and therapy in one solution utilizing Retina Navigation. Allowing you to Image, Plan, Treat, and Document with a single device.

OD-OS has a rich tradition in ophthalmology

OD-OS is an offshoot of SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH (SMI), located in Teltow, just outside of Berlin, Germany. At the start of 2008, after more than three years of product and technological development at SMI by a team dedicated to Retina Navigation, OD-OS was created with a solid capital base and the focused target of bringing Retina Navigation to the market.

OD-OS is an ISO 13485 certified medical device company.

To develop innovative therapy solutions with Navilas, OD-OS continues to develop new products and technologies to enhance the treatment of the retina with laser by providing a more quality controlled treatment process, such as better treatment strategies for treatment planning, enhanced treatment evaluation and dosimetry (in the LADOS-Project) and using advanced imaging technologies (in the OCT-Navigation-Project). The projects mentioned before were funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Brandenburg and the EU.


OD-OS is able to operate on the strength of a secure financial base established by a broad platform of renowned venture capital investment companies.

SMI Holding GmbH

SMI develops and distributes measurement instruments and applications focused on the human eye and brain in such fields as ergonomics, market research and man-machine interaction. SMI’s core competence lies in high speed image processing, camera development, system design and application software.

<link http: www.smivision.com _blank>www.smivision.com

MIG Fonds

Based in Munich, MIG Fonds ranks as one of Germany's most energetic venture capital companies. Since 2005 MIG has been launching funds and it has invested in over 20 innovative German and German and Austrian companies to date. The MIG fond portfolio is managed by MIG AG. With a total volume of over 500 million Euros, the funds are marketed exclusively by HMW Innovations AG (www.hmw-innovations.ag) and are primarily directed at private investors. MIG funds are conceived and drawn up by HMW Emissionshaus AG. For further information on MIG fonds, MIG AG and its investment portfolio, please visit:

www.mig-fonds.de and www.mig.ag

BC Brandenburg Capital GmbH

BC GmbH is a management and holding entity of several investment funds. Being a subsidiary of InvestitionsBank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB), and through investment by the tbg Brandenburg (ILB), and through investment by the tbg Technolgie-Beteiligungs-Gesellschaft mbH of KfW Mittelstandsbank, they grant financial support to growth- and innovation-oriented small & medium-sized enterprises with company domicile or commercial unit in Brandenburg during all phases of business development. BC GmbH is currently in charge of managing six funds with 150mn Euro under management provided by public institutions and private investors.

<link http: www.bc-capital.de _blank>www.bc-capital.de

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