Focal laser treatment

Structured treatment workflow

Navilas® uniquely provides retinal specialists with an all-digital treatment workflow, enabling precise, comprehensive care and bringing back confidence in laser therapy.

    Digital fundus imaging

    A high-resolution Navilas® color fundus image can be obtained at the touch of a button.

    Target-assisted laser treatment

    The pre-defined plan is automatically overlaid onto the infrared live image, while Navilas® pre-positions the aiming beam on treatment locations.

    Digital treatment planning

    Automated import of external diagnostic images and various plan elements provide for exact, indication-focused treatment planning.

    Digital treatment report

    Navilas® automatically generates a transparent, digital treatment report for storage in EMR systems and as a print document for referring doctors.

    „In my clinical work, the precise and effective focal DME-treatment with Navilas has become the most relevant companion to Anti-VEGF injections in reaching durable treatment outcomes and reducing patient burden“

    Marcus Kernt, MD, Munich, Germany
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