Euretina: OD-OS presents Navilas® Pro as an affordable entry to the digital ecosystem of navigated laser

Navilas® Pro offers precise and fast treatments of common retinal diseases based on the unique digital workflow of navigated laser treatments - with DICOM upgrade and more

At the first virtual EURETINA Congress, OD-OS presents its affordable entry to the digital ecosystem…

New Publication Compares Pain and Time Required for PRP Treatments

Navilas® 577s vs. conventional retinal laser

"The PRP sessions using the Navilas® laser were significantly faster and less painful than with a…

Navilas® at AAO 2019: Laser is Back with Digital Guidance for Posterior Segment Treatments

At the leading ophthalmology meeting in San Francisco, OD-OS presents user experiences with its digitally guided treatment platform of the retina in a case poster exhibition and live demos at booth 2055.

At this week’s AAO, the leading ophthalmology conference worldwide, experts can learn how a new…

Navilas® at Euretina 2019: Navigated retinal laser therapy - a unique and effective treatment platform

At the EURETINA Congress in Paris, specialists report on clinical experiences with a unique computer-assisted treatment of the retina for fast panretinal photocoagulation and easy to control subthreshold laser therapy

Clinical experiences with a unique and effective digital treatment platform for the retina are…

Public Health Benefits of the Navilas® 577s Laser System

Interview with Dr. Robin Ross and video of a patient's experience

Video Interview: Why Navilas® is a Worthwhile Investment

- a user video interview with Lars Freisberg, MD

OD-OS releases major software update for Navilas 577s

OD-OS, the global leader in the development and commercialization of navigated retinal laser…

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