Recordings of Navilas Winter School 2023 are now available

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Navilas Summer School 2022

Free webinars on navigated retinal laser therapy. The Navilas® Summer School will be held from July 6th to to August 21th.

On-demand Webinar: Navigate App 2.0 - An interactive learning and collaboration platform for retinal laser treatment

Watch recording Duration: app. 20min.

Video: Navilas® Patient Report - Navigated Retinal Laser Therapy

- with Dr. med. Tobias Duncker, Ophthalmologist, Institut für Augenheilkunde, Halle, Germany The ophthalmology clinic at the Charité Berlin and the eye clinic in the Potsdam Graefe-Haus were also involved in the therapy.

Teleguidance for Navilas®: OD-OS enables retina experts to virtually prepare and guide navigated laser treatments from a distant location

A new software plugin for the Navilas® 577s navigated retina laser addresses lack of experts and benefits teaching in retina laser care

Teltow, Germany & Irvine, CA, USA, September 8, 2021 – Just in time for the virtual EURETINA 2021…

Navilas® Summer School 2021 - Recordings available

Thanks for all the interest in our Navilas® Summer School which was held during the months of July and August. The summer school program on navigated retinal therapy is designed for ophthalmologists specializing in retina care including those pursuing their education in this field. Recordings of all sessions are now available via the session links on this page. So if you missed a session, make sure to catch up with the content when it fits your schedule. 

Euretina: OD-OS presents Navilas® Pro as an affordable entry to the digital ecosystem of navigated laser

Navilas® Pro offers precise and fast treatments of common retinal diseases based on the unique digital workflow of navigated laser treatments - with DICOM upgrade and more

At the first virtual EURETINA Congress, OD-OS presents its affordable entry to the digital ecosystem…

OD-OS Introduces Free Navigate Learning App for Retinal Laser Treatment

Navigate app is an interactive tool designed to support residents’ and team education – both on-site and online. The platform is already being used successfully in German University Hospitals with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

New Clinical eCaseBook on Navigated Subthreshold Laser Available

OD-OS publishes a collection of clinical cases focusing on microsecond pulsing laser therapy to present unique treatment approaches with Navilas®.

Fresh On-demand Webinars on Navigated Microsecond Pulsing Laser

In these educational webinars retina specialists present study results from subthreshold treatments in CSCR, DME, BRVO and PDR.

New Publication Compares Pain and Time Required for PRP Treatments

Navilas® 577s vs. conventional retinal laser

"The PRP sessions using the Navilas® laser were significantly faster and less painful than with a…

Clinical eCaseBook AAO 2019 Edition

OD-OS publishes a collection of clinical cases presented at our AAO 2019 poster exhibition to present unique treatment approaches with Navilas®, the only navigated retina laser.

Navilas® at AAO 2019: Laser is Back with Digital Guidance for Posterior Segment Treatments

At the leading ophthalmology meeting in San Francisco, OD-OS presents user experiences with its digitally guided treatment platform of the retina in a case poster exhibition and live demos at booth 2055.

At this week’s AAO, the leading ophthalmology conference worldwide, experts can learn how a new…

Navilas® at Euretina 2019: Navigated retinal laser therapy - a unique and effective treatment platform

At the EURETINA Congress in Paris, specialists report on clinical experiences with a unique computer-assisted treatment of the retina for fast panretinal photocoagulation and easy to control subthreshold laser therapy

Clinical experiences with a unique and effective digital treatment platform for the retina are…

ASRS 2019: Multimodal Reporting Made Easy with the Navilas 577s Retina Laser

OD-OS introduces a new software release for its all-digital laser system which makes it easier to document image-guided laser treatments and to share knowledge with colleagues, residents and patients

OD-OS, the global leader in the development and commercialization of navigated retinal laser…

Podcast: Introducing the Navilas® 577s Retina Laser at Harbor-UCLA teaching institution

Dr Pradeep S. Prasad explains the challenges and rewards of introducing a new technology in a university setting and shares his thoughts on new treatment approaches such as subthreshold or microsecond pulsing therapy.


On-demand webinar with Prof. Giovanni Staurenghi: "Multimodal imaging+navigated laser-on the example of PCV treatment"

How different imaging options like FA, ICGA or OCT-A can be combined with modern navigated laser technology to precisely plan and digitally document an optimal laser treatment - with a special focus on PCV treatment.


Public Health Benefits of the Navilas® 577s Laser System

Interview with Dr. Robin Ross and video of a patient's experience

APVRS 2018: Intuitive Iridotomy Treatment with the Navilas® 577s Retina Laser Released

OD-OS software release 3.5 includes a new module for iridotomy treatment of narrow-angle glaucoma with the Navilas® 577nm yellow laser

OD-OS, the global leader in the development and commercialization of navigated retinal laser…

Video Interview: Why Navilas® is a Worthwhile Investment

- a user video interview with Lars Freisberg, MD

AAO 2018: Non-contact Panretinal Photocoagulation for Navilas® 577s Introduced

First retinal laser with a navigated non-contact treatment option for panretinal photocoagulation up to the far periphery. Visit AAO booth #740 for a demo of enhanced comfort for sensitive patients.

Just in time for the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO 2018) in Chicago,…

At EURETINA 2018, Navigated Retina Laser is Moving into the Next Decade

10 years of Navilas® – Renowned customer community brings the benefits of retina navigation to applications beyond DME. All-digital platform supports subthreshold treatments, digital collaboration, standardization, and learning in retina care.

OD-OS, the inventor of the Navilas® laser systems, celebrates 10 years of retina navigation with…

OD-OS Achieves Revocation of Iridex MicroPulse Patent and Clears Path to Tissue-Friendly Treatment with Navilas® in Clinical Practice

The Navilas® Laser System makes tissue-sparing treatment of retinal diseases more predictable, and paves the way for widespread adoption of microsecond pulse protocols in standard clinical practice.

OD-OS, the global leader in the development and commercialization of navigated retinal laser…

The Navilas® Retina Laser Makes Microsecond Pulsing Treatment Predictable and Reproducible – Software Release 3.4

OD-OS, the global leader in the development and commercialization of navigated retinal laser…

New Website Informs Diabetics about the Navigated Laser Treatment of Vision-Threatening Retinal Diseases

The new internet platform www.navilas.cominforms diabetics and their relatives comprehensively…

Experiences from a Retina Practice in Hawaii: Managing a Special Patient Population

Dr. Marc Tafoya runs a retina specialty practice in Waipahu, Hawaii. In this interview, he explains…

OD-OS Software Update for Navilas® 577+ and Navilas® 532 Benefits Long-Term Customers

OD-OS, the global leader in the development and commercialization of navigated retinal laser…

Shortening the Laser Photocoagulation Learning Curve With a Navigated System

Mastering this can be challenging for residents, but a navigated laser helps expedite training.

Bernd Fassbender, MD

Laser photocoagulation has long been used as a first-line treatment for DME,…

Key Trends Impacting Retinal Laser Care in 2018

Where is retinal laser care heading in 2018? We have looked at results on “Preferences and Trends…

Dr. Lars Freisberg of Tulsa Retina Consultants Shares His Experience of Utilizing the Navilas Retina Laser System in a Private Practice.

In this interview, Dr. Freisberg explains how Navilas contributes to better time management in his …

David M. Brown, MD, Talks About the Navilas Retina Laser and his Take Home Message from TREX-DME

At AAO 2017, OD-OS talked to David M. Brown, MD, of Retina Consultants Houston about his experiences…

At AAO 2017, OD-OS Announces New Framework for Remote Planning of Navigated Retinal Laser Treatments

NaviGATE opens up new possibilities of digital collaboration, transparency and standardization in…

At AAO 2017: How Tissue-Friendly Retinal Laser Treatment Can Be Approached with Navilas 577s

Tissue-friendly laser treatment with lower powered laser pulses or a train of extremely short…

OD-OS releases major software update for Navilas 577s

OD-OS, the global leader in the development and commercialization of navigated retinal laser…

OD-OS launches Pre-Planned PRP for its Navilas Laser System

OD-OS, the global leader in the development and commercialization of navigated retinal laser…

Compact Navilas® Laser System 577s Receives U.S. FDA Clearance

Introduction of a compact Navilas Laser System to bring the benefits of navigated retina laser into day-to-day clinical routine

OD-OS, the global leader in the development and commercialization of navigated laser…

Navilas® Laser System 577+ Receives U.S. FDA Clearance

OD-OS, the world leader in Navigated Retinal Imaging and Laser Treatment, today announced the…

Navilas 577+ receives the Ophthalmologist Innovation Award 2014

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OD-OS presents novel Yellow 577nm Navilas Laser System with microsecond pulsing option at World Ophthalmic Congress in Tokyo

OD-OS, the world leader in navigated laser therapy for retinal disease management, announced today…

Multicenter Study Announced to Evaluate Novel Combination Therapy for Treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema

TREX-DME Trial to Validate Efficacy and Stability of Treatment with Navilas® Navigated Laser plus Ranibizumab

Teltow, Germany – OD-OS, the world leader in navigated laser therapy for retinal disease management,…

Navilas® Navigated Laser Plus anti-VEGF Combination Therapy for Diabetic Macular Edema Shown to Reduce Retreatment Rates by More Than 50% While Stabilizing Visual Acuity

Study Shows Novel Combination Treatment Superior to Anti-VEGF Therapy Alone

Teltow, Germany – OD-OS, the world leader in navigated laser therapy for retinal disease management,…

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