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At AAO 2017: How Tissue-Friendly Retinal Laser Treatment Can Be Approached with Navilas 577s

Tissue-friendly laser treatment with lower powered laser pulses or a train of extremely short microsecond pulses is an increasingly popular concept in retinal care. Rather than photocoagulation, this treatment concept aims to use photothermal stimulation for diseased retinal areas, preserving cell function and avoiding retinal scarring.

More and more retinal physicians are moving to integrate this approach in their daily clinical routines, and many patients are becoming aware of this gentle treatment option.

The tissue-friendly treatment approach

A tissue-friendly effect may be generated either by simply reducing the power of longer laser pulses applied by any laser, or by reducing pulse duration as established with pattern lasers. Another, more recent approach is to “chop up” the laser beam into a train of microsecond-range pulses. Both approaches result in laser energy delivery below the coagulation threshold, which is why they are also referred to as sub-threshold treatments.

When applying laser using a sub-threshold treatment protocol, the effect is not visible with standard retinal imaging. Because no coagulation takes place, no change in color in retinal tissue occurs. This makes it more challenging to control if laser energy is applied with regular spacing - without overlapping previous areas of treatment or leaving unintended gaps. 

Predictable tissue-friendly treatment with the Navilas 577s navigated laser

The Navilas 577s navigated laser makes tissue-friendly energy delivery more predictable and reproducible as it:   

  • Enables the physician to comprehensively pre-plan the entire treatment on various digital diagnostic images.
  • Gives physicians a precise laser spot application by offering free-form grids and precise confluent coverage according to the predefined treatment plan. 
  • Makes it possible to accurately assess treatment effects, even months after the treatment, through digital documentation.
  • When necessary allows re-treatment of the exact same area with optimized laser parameters.

With the unique Navilas 577s laser system, retinal physicians can optimize their daily routine not only for standard focal and peripheral photocoagulation, but also for tissue-friendly treatments using subthreshold laser power or microsecond pulsing.

And now consider, that a navigated laser can apply this tissue-friendly treatment contact-free without a contact lens and with comfortable IR illumination to avoid painful glare.

At AAO 2017, enjoy a hands-on with Navilas 577s.

Try it at our booth and listen to experts talk about their experience with Navilas 577s.
You’ll find us in New Orleans:

November 10, Retina Subspecialty Day, #20
November 11-14, Main Exhibition, booth #355

Contact OD-OS to learn more about Navilas 577s

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