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New Publication Compares Pain and Time Required for PRP Treatments

Navilas® 577s vs. conventional retinal laser

"The PRP sessions using the Navilas® laser were significantly faster and less painful than with a conventional multispot laser."

This is the conclusion of a recently published study by Dr. Francesca Amoroso and the research team of Prof. Eric Souied from CHI de Créteil in France.

PRP for diabetic retinopathy on treatment-naïve patients was carried out using a conventional laser (Quantel Medical, 577 nm) in one eye and the other eye was treated with the Navilas® laser (OD-OS, 577 nm).

For both PRP treatments, similar parameters (same power, exposure time, number, size and spacing of the spots) were used. For each eye, the duration of the session and the pain were recorded.

Access the full paper:

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