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OD-OS presents novel Yellow 577nm Navilas Laser System with microsecond pulsing option at World Ophthalmic Congress in Tokyo

OD-OS, the world leader in navigated laser therapy for retinal disease management, announced today the launch of the Navilas® Laser System 577+ featuring the popular yellow 577 nm wavelength as well as microsecond pulsed laser treatments. The new laser will be first presented at the upcoming World Ophthalmology Congress in Tokyo starting from April 2, 2014.

“We are pleased to extend our Navilas product range with the modern yellow laser option of Navilas 577+. We designed Navilas to provide a more precise spot placement and overall complete treatment on the retina in one session resulting in faster and more predictable stabilization of the disease than with any slit-lamp based conventional laser system. By incorporating the 577nm wavelength with its optimal absorption profile we strive to further extend this precision into the depth of retinal tissue” stated Dr. Winfried Teiwes, CEO of OD-OS and he added “plus, we see a clear advantage for Retina Navigation in subvisible, microsecond pulsed laser applications intended to cause less damage to the retina. Subvisible or not, physicians want to know where and what they have treated to provide a standardized therapy with consistent outcomes. We feel, only Navilas with its tracked, documented laser delivery provides the essential feedback to accurately, reliably and evenly apply these less destructive therapies… and save time, too.”

Dr. Marcus Kernt from the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich said: “We have been working with Navilas from its very beginnings and could demonstrate a much faster stabilization of DME with Navilas compared to slit lamp lasers and a reduced need for Anti-VEGF injections in our patients receiving Navigated Laser combination therapy. I am excited to acquire now the Navilas 577+ for my new private practice and looking forward to advance patient care with Anti-VEGF and Navilas. “

About Navilas:

The Navilas® Laser System is an advanced focal/panretinal photocoagulation device revolutionizing the treatment of vision-threatening retinal diseases such as Diabetic Macular Edema, Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy and Retinal Vein Occlusions. Pioneering Retina Navigation, Navilas® integrates diagnostics with laser therapy and allows a pre-planned, computer-guided and digitally documented treatment to be performed by the retina specialist.

The groundbreaking Navilas® technology enables the doctor to improve overall treatment accuracy as well as speed, comfort and safety. An optimized therapy concept aims at adding a durable effect and cost-effectiveness to pharmacological therapies.

About OD-OS: OD-OS GmbH is located in Teltow, Germany where it has commercialized the Navilas Navigated Laser in the US, Canada, Europe, Korea, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Japan. Approval in China is anticipated very soon. For further information, please contact:

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Erik Blazek


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