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OD-OS Software Update for Navilas® 577+ and Navilas® 532 Benefits Long-Term Customers

OD-OS, the global leader in the development and commercialization of navigated retinal laser systems, has released a major software update for the 577+ and 532 models of the unique Navilas® laser system, which in the past seven years has transformed the way experts approach retinal laser treatments.

The software update 2.19 will - besides other improvements - bring Pre-Planned PRP to Navilas® 577+ and Navilas® 532. The functionality for fast treatment of the peripheral retina was launched recently for the compact Navilas® 577s, and since then has rapidly been adopted by beginners and experienced users alike. OD-OS now made a dedicated investment to offer fast PRP also to long-term Navilas® users.

Pre-planned PRP allows the physician to lay out the complete treatment strategy for the peripheral retina before commencing treatment. Instead of having to position spots and patterns by hand, users can focus on monitoring the treatment, while Navilas®’ advanced eye tracking guides the laser to each pre-planned spot position with great accuracy.

The software update also includes a lifecycle extension for storing patient data which especially benefits high-volume sites.

The Navilas® 577+ and Navilas® 532 software update is offered free of charge for all systems under OD-OS warranty, as well as for customers enjoying the OD-OS service contract.

“From its inception, Navilas® has not just been a navigated retinal laser, but also a platform to which functionalities can be added with new software to make it ready for the future”, said Managing Director Winfried Teiwes. “We’re glad we can respond to our customers’ wishes and provide added value to all of our systems– whether they were bought in 2010 or 2018.”

About Navilas®: Navilas® laser systems enable physicians to digitally pre-plan the entire laser therapy on fundus images as well as on third-party diagnostic images, and to precisely execute this therapy plan under computer guidance. Unlike any other retina laser, Navilas® offers focal treatments without a contact lens and infrared illumination for unsurpassed patient comfort.  A large field of view and assisted pattern positioning greatly improve speed in panretinal and focal treatments.

About OD-OS: OD-OS GmbH, a privately-held medical device company founded in 2008 with offices in Teltow, Germany, and Irvine, CA, is dedicated to the development and commercialization of navigated imaging and laser treatment technology used to facilitate the advanced treatment of retinal eye diseases, many of which may lead to permanent blindness. Visit for more details.

For further information, please contact:
Stefanie Gehrke, Director Marketing |, +49 (172) 3808 537
OD-OS GmbH | Warthestr. 21 | 14513 Teltow | Germany | Phone.: +49 (3328) 312 82 195 |

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