On-demand Webinar: Navigate App 2.0 - an interactive learning and collaboration platform for retinal laser treatment

Duration: app 20 min.

Learn more about Navigate App 2.0: www.od-os.com/navigate

Navigate App is an open, digital learning platform for retinal laser therapy.
This webinar is a practical introduction into the usage scenarios of  Navigate App 2.0. 

Learn how to use Navigate App 2.0 for digital and onsite trainings and for international collaboration with colleagues.

We will explain: 

  • How to use the software to plan retinal laser treatment strategies based on diagnostic images
  • How to import your own case examples into Navigate App 2.0
  • How to import application specific databases
  • How to share projects with other users

Since the introduction of version 2.0 Navigate App is available in the browser as well as for iOS and Android devices:

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