Navilas® Winter School 2024

Join our Navilas® Winter School 2024 during January and February. The winter school program on navigated laser therapy is designed for ophthalmologists specializing in retina care including those pursuing their education in this field.

A recording will be provided after each session. If you register, you will receive a link to the recording directly per Email.

The sessions are in English and you can join free of charge.

What will you learn?

  • Session 1: A better way to do laser - A Navilas® navigated user experience - recording
  • Session 2: OCT navigated MSP laser therapy in the treatment of retinal diseases - recording
  • Session 3: Enhancing laser surgeon education with Navilas® - recording
  • Session 4: More efficiently managing diabetic patients with Navilas® in an NHS clinic - recording


Session 1: A better way to do laser - A Navilas® navigated laser experience

Instructor: Dr. Mark E Tafoya, Pacific Retina Care, USA (Hawaii)

Duration: ca. 25 min

Dr. Tafoya shares his experience of using Navilas® for his daily routine treatments. He explains the concept of navigated retinal laser and shows how its features improve retina specialists daily performance using real-life clinical case examples.

Dr Tafoya’s insights into non-contact and microsecond pulsing treatments can be interesting and valuable for every laser surgeon who wants to shift his scope to a less invasive and more selective treatment approach. His explanations are coupled with treatment videos, which facilitates learning.

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Session 2: OCT navigated MSP laser therapy in the treatment of retinal diseases

Instructor: dr. n. med. Przemysław Zabel, Klinika Okulistyczna OFTALMIKA, Poland

Duration: ca. 14 min


In this presentation Dr. Zabel shares his research data of using navigated microsecond pulsing laser for the treatments of central macular disorders like CSCR and DME.

The patients were divided into two groups: one group with intraretinal fluid and another one with subretinal fluid. In the end the results were analyzed, reviewed and compared. Individual CRT data for every patient, coupled with detailed reviews of selected cases (incl. treatment plans, settings and pre- & post-OCT) data give a transparent and comprehensive overview of microsecond pulsing benefits and limitations.

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Session 3: Enhancing laser surgeon education with Navilas®

Instructor: Oleg Parkhomenko MD, PhD, Ophthalmological clinic “New Vision”, Ukraine

Duration: ca. 9 min

Dr. Parkhomenko presents his experience with the Navilas® Laser System 577s and the Navigate App for educational purposes. 

Navigate is a free app that allows surgeons to import retinal images and create treatment plans. This tool gives the teacher valuable feedback on the learning process and allows students to apply the knowledge they have learned to real-life examples. The Navilas® Laser System 577s training package allows students to participate in simulated treatments that help improve laser handling skills. Treatment simulations also enable a faster learning curve and pave the way for more standardized treatments.

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Session 4: More efficiently managing diabetic patients with Navilas® in an NHS clinic

Instructor: Mr. Costen, BSc, MB BS, FRCOphth, Hull and East Yorkshire Eye Hospital, United Kingdom

Duration: ca. 17 min


In this webinar, Dr. Mark Costen explores the clinical applications of navigated laser technology in addressing the challenges associated with managing diabetic patients in an NHS clinic.

The rising prevalence of diabetes places considerable strain on healthcare clinics, necessitating efficient solutions. Navilas®, with its rapid pattern delivery emerges as a tool that can expedite procedures such as diabetic retinopathy treatment and optimize clinical workflows.

Through brief video case examples, Dr. Costen demonstrates how to design personalized treatment plans, tailored to the unique responses of complex diabetic cases. He explains how a navigated laser approach enhances procedural comfort, which leads to improved patient compliance and may ultimately foster adherence to treatment schemes and this way better long-term outcomes .

Acknowledging the need for initial staff training and system integration, Dr. Costen presents a clinical perspective on why navigated laser technology holds promise of enduring benefits and can support healthcare professionals in managing high patient volumes and diverse needs more efficiently. 

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