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Navilas system for navigated focal laser treatments
Navilas® 577s
The Navigated Retina Laser

All-digital | Effective | Comfortable

Navilas® Laser System

Advantages of navigated laser treatment

High level of precision and safety

Through transparent pre-planning, precise laser positioning and protective zones for sensitive areas.

More comfortable

By using glare-free light treatment option without treatment contact lenses and use of short pulses.

Shorter treatment time

Through pre-planning and the use of patterns.

Fewer subsequent treatment sessions and better vision

As a consequence of precision and better planning transparency.

Advantages of the Navilas® have been clinically proven

Faster and effective

Through the precise positioning of the laser, damaged vessels are efficiently sealed. This results in a faster and greater effect than with traditional lasers. From Art to Science in DME Treatment A comparison of anatomical outcomes following navigated OCT-based laser and conventional focal laser treatments.ANG LI, BA • RUMNEEK BEDI, BA • RISHI P. SINGH, MD.  Read More
Navigated macular laser decreases retreatment rate for diabetic macular edema: a comparision with conventional macular laser. Neubauer AS, Langer J, Wolf J, Kozak I, Seidensticker F, Ulbig M, Freeman WR, Kampik A, Kernt M.  Clin Ophthalmol. 2013:121-128 Read More 

42% fewer subsequent treatments and injections

Through transparent pre-planning and precise, rapid laser application with Navilas®, LMU of Munich determined that fewer subsequent treatments were necessary with lasers and injections. Navigated macular laser decreases retreatment rate for diabetic macular edema: a comparision with conventional macular laser. Neubauer AS, Langer J, Wolf J, Kozak I, Seidensticker F, Ulbig M, Freeman WR, Kampik A, Kernt M.  Clin Ophthalmol. 2013:121-128 Read More 
Comparative evaluation of combined navigated laser photocoagulation and intravitreal ranibizumab in the treatment of diabetic macular edema. Liegl R, Langer J, Seidensticker F, Reznicek L, Haritoglou C, Ulbig MW, Neubauer AS, Kampik A, Kernt M.  PLoS One. 2014 Dec 26;9(12) Read More

60% less pain for a comfortable treatment experience

Several independent groups of international hospitals compared the pain experienced by patients during treatment with Navilas® and  with conventional lasers. Every study demonstrated significantly reduced pain sensitivity by patients treated with Navilas®. Pain and accuracy of focal laser treatment for diabetic macular edema using a retinal navigated laser (Navilas).  Kernt M, CheuteuRE, Cserhati S, Seidensticker F, Liegl RG, Lang J, Haritoglou C, Kampik A, Ulbig MW, Neubauer AS. Clin Ophthalmol. 2012;06:289-96 Read more


28% greater precision for high safety

UC San Diego Health in California (USA) compared the precision of Navilas® to that of conventional lasers. The study found that a retina laser expert could precisely laser around 92% of all damaged vessels targeted with Navilas®, in comparison with the 72% accuracy of conventional lasers.   Clinical Evaluation and Treatment Accuracy in DiabeticMacular Edema Using Navigated Laser Photocoagulator NAVILAS. Kozak I, Oster SF, Cortes MA, Dowell D, Hartmann K, Kim JS, Freeman WR. Ophthalmology. 2011 Jan 24 read more

    Quick Facts Netzhauterkrankungen

    Phases of navigated laser treatment

    Preparation phase

    In the preparation phase, an image is made of your retina, which can be compiled with earlier diagnostic images. A treatment contact lens is only used in some cases (like with conventional lasers).

    Behandlung von Netzhauterkrankungen mit dem Navilas-Laser

    Planning phase

    Your doctor can now precisely plan your laser therapy directly on your diagnostic images and localize the damaged vessels and areas exactly. Protection zones, which can be positioned on sensitive areas, enable a high level of safety during the treatment. The finished plan is then transferred to your retina.

    Pre-planning of laser treatment

    Treatment phase

    Now modern eye-tracking technology is used to position the laser beam precisely where it was previously planned even when there are eye movements. Your doctor can trigger the laser more precisely, but nevertheless faster. Glare-free light and, where applicable, a non-contact application make the treatment more comfortable. This very precise and safe therapy can reduce the number of subsequent treatment sessions or potentially necessary injections to the eye.

    Focal and peripheral treatment


    The digital pre-planning of the Navilas® laser system makes extensive reporting possible. A digital, printable report can be created with relative ease. This report may contain both the diagnosis images included as well as planned and applied laser points. Please talk to your doctor about whether you could receive the report for your own use.

    Digitale Dokumentation einer fokalen Laserbehandlung mit Navilas

    "I have had laser treatment multiple times due to my diabetes. I found the treatment with Navilas much more pleasant. With the old system, I felt more pain, especially around the outside. Treatment also took a lot longer."

    Christa F., Berlin

    "For me, treatment with Navilas was significantly more comfortable than treatment with other systems. I did not feel any pain."

    Michael S., Göttingen

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    Modern laser treatment for the retina

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