Navilas system for navigated focal laser treatments
Navilas® 577s
The Navigated Retina Laser

All-digital | Effective | Comfortable

Navilas® 577s offers you:

  • Compact design with small footprint
  • Familiar, intuitive use
  • Well arranged portrait screen-format
  • Use of standard-contact lenses
  • Automated import of external diagnostic images
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Navilas® navigated laser therapy - Your benefit

More effective and comfortable treatment

Navilas® delivers precise treatment planning and comfortable performance for doctors and patients.

Comprehensive treatment

Plan your laser therapy based on color fundus and external diagnostic images to ensure comprehensive care.


Attain precision through the pre-positioning and stabilization of the laser beam on the retina, even in challenging treatment situations.


Perform focal treatments optionally under infrared light and without a contact lens.

Intuitive use

Navigate intuitively with the joystick and a high-resolution touchscreen that concisely displays live images, treatment plans, and parameters.


Treat the peripheral region faster than with conventional pattern scan lasers via the large field-of-view and assisted pattern placement.

Navilas® 577s - the only navigated retina laser

Navilas® 577s is the most compact all-digital system for navigated focal and peripheral laser treatments and offers you:

  • Key elements of laser therapy effectively integrated into one smart solution
  • Yellow 577 nm wavelength with microsecond pulsing
  • Compact design with small footprint
  • Familiar, intuitive use
  • Full-HD Display
  • Use of standard-contact lenses
  • Automated import of external diagnostic images
Video introduction to navigated laser therapy

Smart design

Comfortable laser treatment

Contact-free focal treatment

Infrared illumination

Intuitive use

Smart controls

    The unique ergonomics of Navilas® 577s provide treatment comfort for patient and doctor alike.

    To reduce glare and increase patient comfort, the infrared illumination with digital documentation function can be activated at any time.

    David M. Brown, MD

    Fast panretinal photocoagulation

    "I am very impressed with the Navilas 577s PRP. It feels ergonomic and straightforward - the system literally lets me paint the peripheral retina with uniform spots in a very short amount of time. It was very well tolerated by the patients, with only topical anesthesia. Navilas now has an industry leading PRP tool to complement its unrivalled and already well-known focal laser capability."

    Dr. Richard Rosen

    Best fit with modern diagnostic imaging

    "We introduced the Navilas system to help our physicians, to help our patients, to support our research, and to ensure the accuracy of our treatments. It really provides a superior laser which is keeping up with the more advanced technology of imaging systems that are available today.” 

    Dr. Joussen

    Effective CSCR treatment

    “Navilas allows me to treat CSCR lesions with unprecedented reduction of collateral tissue damage. This is the prerequisite for long-term preservation of vision.“

    Prof. Dr. Eric Souied

    Safe tool for a broad range of indications

    "Navilas provides all the digital functionality and safety to explore the optimal treatment strategies in a range of retinal indications, such as choroidal neovascularizations in sickle cell and non-responding wet AMD or even in the treatment of DME. It really is the tool we were dreaming for." 

    Dr. Jay Chhablani

    Great to establish new treatment paradigms

    "For more than 5 years, we have been using the Navilas for treatment of a broad range of indications. The accuracy, planning and documentation provides unique tools to research the effectivity of laser treatment - especially in subthreshold modes. The safety of the navigation makes it a great device to establish new treatment paradigms."

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      Navilas® 577s

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