Fast and complete PRP treatment

Pre-planned PRP and More Experiences with Navigated Laser
PRP with Navilas
Pre-planned PRP and More Experiences with Navigated Laser
Pre-planned PRP with Navilas
Pre-planned PRP
non-contact PRP with Navilas
Navigated non-contact PRP

Ultra-Wide-Field PRP

Navilas® simplifies and accelerates peripheral laser coagulation with flexible and automated pattern positioning via touchscreen and joystick.

Rapid PRP with Navilas 577s
Fast and complete navigated PRP up to the far periphery

Optimal overview

The Navilas® PRP optics provide a large field of view for rapid targeting of treatment locations in both PRP and laser retinopexy treatments. The Optos widefield image shows an equidistant distribution of laser spots up to the far periphery. 

Fast pattern placement

Patterns of up to 25 spots can be placed via touchscreen or joystick and rapidly delivered. Navilas® stabilizes the aiming beam and positions the pattern automatically on the next location.

Designed for patient comfort

To reduce glare and increase patient comfort, the infrared illumination with digital documentation function can be activated at any time.

Non-contact PRP treatment

A new widefield objective brings non-contact panretinal photocoagulation with access to the far periphery to the Navilas® 577s Laser System. The solution was developed in close collaboration with Dr. A. Pedinielli and Dr. F. Amoroso from the team around Prof. Souied at CHI de Créteil in France. 

Regional availability may vary. 

Non-contact panretinal photocoagulation with Navilas® 577s

Dr. F. Amoroso from CHI de Créteil in France demonstrating non-contact PRP treatment.

    "We are looking forward to seeing more clinical data from the non-contact widefield objective in practice. We really believe that this could be an important step towards the future of PRP as an almost completely harmless procedure for the patient.“

    Dr. Alexandre Pedinielli, CHI de Créteil, France

    “The field of view of the non-contact widefield objective is really amazing. I had a perfect view of a retinal tear in the far periphery.”

    Dr. Jean-Christophe Ramel, France

    „I am very impressed with the new Navilas 577s PRP. To me as the physician it feels ergonomic and straightforward - the system literally lets me paint the peripheral retina with uniform spots in a very short amount of time. It was very well tolerated by the patients, with only topical anesthesia. Navilas now has an industry leading PRP tool to complement its incomparable focal laser capability."

    David Brown, MD, Houston, Texas
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