Navilas® 577s Pro

More precise – faster – economically efficient

The Navilas® Laser System 577s is the next generation after pattern lasers due to the unique benefits of its proprietary navigation technology. Our navigated laser is proven in practices and clinics worldwide across major retina applications and more. The Navilas ® 577s Pro is:

More precise and reliable

Pre-planning, retina navigation and caution zones for enhanced quality assurance of treatments

More comfortable for patients and doctors

Reduced pain of pattern application, optimized ergonomics and enhanced working distance between patient and doctor

Faster and more efficient

44 % faster application of laser spots, better patient cooperation and efficient use of team resources

Your affordable path to the nextgen retina laser

The all-digital Navilas® 577s Pro is the next generation after pattern laser available at competitive pricing and growing with your needs

Navilas Laser System 577s Pro
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Advanced treatment with retina navigation

Advanced treatment with Navilas 577s Pro


Faster through pre-positioning of laser beam


Faster treatment with navigated laser

With the pre-planning feature of Navilas® we experienced a reduced time of the treatment and also a significantly reduced pain experience as compared to a conventional laser."

Dr. F. Amoroso, CHI de Créteil, France

More efficient

More efficient through fast treatments, better patient cooperation and efficient team usage

Efficient treatments with navigated laser

"Navilas® 577s was a worthwhile investment also from the financial point of view as the system basically paid itself within the first year.”

Dr. Lars Freisberg, Tulsa Retina Consultants

More comfortable

More comfortable through reduced pain of pattern application


Reduced pain with navigated laser

„It is most likely that the application of each spot with a short break—as it is in navigated laser—leads to a “restoration of retinal tissue reducing the pain between the impacts.”

Dr. F. Amoroso, CHI de Créteil, France

More ergonomic

More ergonomic with enhanced working distance


Optimized ergonomics and enhanced working distance with Navilas 577s Pro

The screen-based treatment is ergonomically comfortable for the doctor and also allows for better interaction with your patients and students. Our field has about a 30% rate of neck and musculoskeletal complications over the course of our careers.

Dr. Robin Ross, Global Retina Institute, Arizona, US

More precise and reliable

More precise and reliable through pre-planning, retina navigation and caution zones

„In my clinical work, the precise and effective focal DME-treatment with Navilas has become the most relevant companion to Anti-VEGF injections in reaching durable treatment outcomes and reducing patient burden“

Marcus Kernt, MD, Munich, Germany

“Navigation allowed us to place a dense microsecond pulsing spot pattern close to the fovea and to effectively reduce subretinal fluid."

Prof. Leonardo Mastropasqua and Lisa Toto, MD, University G. d’Annunzio Chieti- Pescara, Italy

Fast treatments with navigated PRP

Navigated laser at a glance

Now available: Teleguidance through remote access to Navilas® 577s learn more

Upgrades for advanced application needs

Navilas® 577s Pro grows with your needs with advanced comfort, advanced integration, advanced reporting and advanced teaching options. To find the best configuration of your navigated laser system and find out about annual licensing options, please contact the OD-OS Navilas team and our global partners.

Navilas 577s Pro grows with your needs
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