Navilas® 577s Prime

The maximum innovation in retinal laser

The Navilas® Laser System 577s Prime delivers the maximum innovation currently available in retinal laser technology. Its functionalities and the corresponding benefits are unmatched by any other retina laser in the market.

Advanced comfort for patients and doctors

Contact-free focal and peripheral treatment in color and infrared illumination mode, reduced pain of pattern application for optimal patient compliance plus enhanced working distance between patient and doctor

Most comprehensive and quality-controlled treatments

Planning on 3rd party diagnostic images for high precision, digital and multimodal reporting for high transparency

Seamless integration into your digital workflow

Efficient workflow from import of diagnostic images and computer-assisted treatment to digital documentation

Perfect onsite and e-training capabilities

Treatment simulation mode for real eye or artifical eye plus e-teaching in perfect synergy with the Navigate app

Advanced comfort

Advanced comfort through contact-free treatment in color and infrared illumination mode

"We really believe that this could be an important step towards the future of PRP as an almost completely harmless procedure for the patient.“

Dr. Alexandre Pedinielli, CHI de Créteil, France
Social distance with Navilas 577s Prime

The screen-based treatment is ergonomically comfortable for the doctor and also allows for better interaction with your patients and students. Our field has about a 30% rate of neck and musculoskeletal complications over the course of our careers.

Dr. Robin Ross, Global Retina Institute, Arizona, US


Most comprehensive and quality-controlled treatments


"We introduced the Navilas system to help our physicians, to help our patients, to support our research, and to ensure the accuracy of our treatments. It really provides a superior laser which is keeping up with the more advanced technology of imaging systems that are available today.” 

Dr. Richard Rosen New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, USA

"Navilas is the first microsecond pulsed laser with the ability to reliably document the applied laser spots, which provides us with a valuable treatment alternative for our patients today and a reproducible method for continuing clinical advancement."

David Callanan, MD, Arlington, Texas

Digital integration

Seamless integration into your digital workflow including DICOM interface

Navilas 577s Prime integrates into your digital workflow

"The new DICOM integration for Navilas is intuitive to use and speeds up our laser consultation enormously, e.g. by importing worklists with patient data, diagnostic images and exporting treatment documentation. A fully digital workflow that significantly simplifies our daily work and communication with our referral network." .”

Dr. Simo Murovski, Augenzentrum Erzgebirge, Germany

Perfect training

Perfect on-site and e-training capabilities


Treatment simulation mode for real test eye or artifical eye


On-site and e-teaching in perfect synergy with the Navigate App*

*Navigate App is not a cleared medical device and is not part of the Navilas® Laser System 577s


"I think that the Navilas® really lends itself quite nicely to teaching because as a supervising provider, we're able to, actually see what the resident is also seeing. So we can talk about optimal ways of planning the laser treatment. The strategy and the planning is not something that they can figure out on their own."


Dr. Pradeep Prasad, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at UCLA Stein Eye Institute, and Chief of Ophthalmology division of the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.
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Unmatched by any other retinal laser in the market

Navilas 577s Prime - features unmatched by any other retina laser in the market
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