Navigated microsecond pulsing therapy

Tissue-friendly treatment

Navigated microsecond pulsing treatment allows photothermal stimulation of diseased retinal areas, while preserving function and avoiding scarring.

Microsecond pulsing therapy – how it works

Laser energy is applied in a series of brief pulses in the range of 100–300 μs. In contrast to conventional laser coagulation, retinal tissue is repeatedly heated and stimulated without reaching the coagulation threshold.


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The unique, all-digital approach enables a predictable subthreshold treatment

Exact planning with automated image import and free-form grids

Imported diagnostic images enable exact, standardizable treatment planning using (confluent) free-form grids.

Reproducible application with target-assisted laser

With a pedal press, several effects can be applied quickly and precisely in an alternating pattern avoiding thermal crosstalk - even in the absence of a visual effect on the retina.

Complete documentation in real-time

For the first time, invisible effects are digitally visualized and treatment progress becomes transparent.

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"Navilas is the first microsecond pulsed laser with the ability to reliably document the applied laser spots, which provides us with a valuable treatment alternative for our patients today and a reproducible method for continuing clinical advancement."

David Callanan, MD, Arlington, Texas

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