Introducing Software Release 3.6

Multimodal Reporting with Navilas® 577s

With a new multimodal export wizard of software release 3.6 retina specialists can flexibly generate high resolution images of their treatments in different configurations. This allows for advanced, transparent documentation for all purposes and records. And it makes it easier to share knowledge in different scenarios - with colleagues in talks and publications, with residents for teaching purposes, and with patients for education on the treatments performed. 

To learn more, please watch this video.

Multimodal reports with software release 3.6 for Navilas® 577s

"Navilas is the first microsecond pulsed laser with the ability to reliably document the applied laser spots, which provides us with a valuable treatment alternative for our patients today and a reproducible method for continuing clinical advancement."

David Callanan, MD, Arlington, Texas
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Navilas® 577s

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